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Testimonials from satisfied clients

Kind words from clients of MTS Psychological Health.

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Having read Manuela's professional profile I asked for an appointment as I needed support to deal with events that happened in my teenage years that have left a lasting effect on me.

I had started to find the day to day harder to cope with and was feeling weighed down, particularly after lockdown.

From the first moment I met Manuela I felt able to talk openly to her, I felt as though it would be safe for me to explore aspects of life that I have kept locked away for a long time. That instinct proved to be correct and I felt in safe hands throughout my counselling journey.

As a result of the sessions we had, I feel like a great weight has been lifted off me, I am happier, more relaxed and much more able to cope with day to day stresses and strains and also any bigger moments that may occur.

It has set me up for the future and I am extremely grateful to Manuela for her approach and the environment she created for me to achieve these outcomes.

If you feel like you need some support yourself I would highly recommend Manuela.

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I approached Manuela for help, having been deeply affected by an abusive relationship. I found her calm and reassuring approach allowed me to feel safe and to talk. Manuela’s professional skills kept me on track and encouraged me in a quiet, gentle way to explore some complicated feelings without feeling judged or that what I felt was ‘wrong’.

As a result of her sessions, I am in a far more settled and balanced place than previously. I highly recommend Manuela as a therapist and consider her skills to be exemplary.

The session with Manuela was so relaxing and informative. We focused on menopausal symptoms She explained the theory behind the approach, the process and the techniques really clearly and I felt involved throughout and very relaxed after the treatment.

I found the approach empowering. I learnt a lot about the benefits of the Jin Shin Jyutsu massage and Emotional Freedom technique / tapping and enjoyed the practice which Manuela demonstrated so well.

I felt encouraged to apply the techniques and the session helped identify issues to work on by myself and the hand massage & tapping are easy to do at any time. A highly recommended approach and the oils we used were lovely - thankyou!.

I approached Manuela to find out more about AromaPressure, I’d heard this approach may be helpful for a range of problems and wanted to try a more holistic approach, I have been suffering with work stress for some time.

Manuela gave a clear and thorough explanation of how AromaPressure works and how it may benefit me. I found her warm and approachable and felt at ease in her company very quickly.

The treatment left me feeling relaxed and stress free and I would certainly recommend that anyone feeling stress gives Manuela’s treatment consideration.

Manuela created a sense of security that enabled me to acknowledge thoughts and feelings that had troubled me but remained half-buried.

Her quiet observations did not intrude but had positive effects that reached beyond the initial struggles that had brought me to therapy.

I just wanted to say that from the first phone call to my last session, Manuela has been caring and empathetic and made me feel safe and comfortable.

She is an incredibly skilled professional who helps you understand your own emotions and overcome your difficulties.

I was very unwell when I reached out for help but now, with her patience and guidance, I am ready to face my future without fear.

It has truly been a life changing experience. I cannot recommend Manuela enough; she is amazing!

Please note that, because of the nature of my work, these testimonials are necessarily anonymous.