Spring into Springtime with essential oils!

DoTERRA essential oil blends can help your emotional wellbeing.

Now that Winter is on its way out, it is time to get ready for Springtime. Recently we had some lovely sunshine, although at times it has been cold and crisp. The daffodils and snowdrops are out already and wonderful to look at.

Spring represents new beginnings as well as new life, where Mother Nature starts blossoming again. We can join in this process by preparing ourselves and getting ready to blossom again on an emotional as well as physical level.

The NHS states that looking after your physical health is the key for your overall wellbeing. There are many options for taking up exercise and tailored to all abilities, such as Couch to 5k, if running is one of your physical goals. You can find walking groups and make new friends, which is also good for your overall wellbeing.

Physical health promotes mental wellbeing

Physical health is one of the five steps for mental wellbeing too. They include connecting with others, learning new skills, giving to others, and paying attention to the present moment (also known as mindfulness).

Essential oils are useful in supporting physical as well as emotional health. Essential oils are powerful and have been in use for centuries. For example, in Egyptian times, the potency of these oils was used to create a variety of applications for medical interventions and spiritual ceremonies.

Emotional aromatherapy uses a variety of essential oils to enhance psychological wellbeing. Lavender oil is a very popular and versatile essential oil. It promotes relaxation and can be used to treat anxiety, depression and insomnia presentations.

Essential oil blends

As part of my emotional wellbeing treatment programmes, I utilise essential oil blends tailored to your individual emotional wellbeing needs, together with aspects of Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupressure. Treatments are offered on a short- and long-term basis.

In addition, I offer Calming and Energising Essential Oils Duo Blends sample kits in either two 5ml or two 10ml roller bottles.

The Calming Essential Oils blend sample kit consists of DoTERRA Serenity and Balance Essential oils blends.

DoTERRA essential oil blends Balance and Serenity for emotional wellbeing.

Relaxing and peaceful

Serenity is known as the Restful Blend and aids relaxation and peacefulness. It is mainly applied during the evening as it creates calmness and inner peace and is helpful in aiding a restful sleep.

The Balance essential oils blend (the Grounding Blend) can be applied throughout the day as it soothes the senses and promotes overall wellbeing. Both are helpful when you need relaxation and tranquillity in your life.

Energising and invigorating

The second essential oils blend is the Energising one. It consists of DoTERRA Citrus Bliss and Elevation mixes.

Citrus Bliss also known as the Invigorating Blend. Best applied at the start of your day, it promotes clarity and focus and lifts your mood.

Elevation (the Joyful Blend) promotes feelings of confidence and a positive mood. It is both revitalising and grounding.

Both oils blends are a good combination to support your energy levels – just in time for you to welcome Spring!

For further information and prices, please contact me.